Pinecrest Winners

2017 ??


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2015 Ricci

badger badger badger

No speech needed. Just this:

Snoop with Ricci and the trophy

2014 Mac

Los Altos Threesome

Mac's Victory Post:

Winning the title means more than you know, and -- as Shane points out -- more than it should. I am looking forward to bringing the trophy back to its home in the South Bay after so many years in the Central Valley.

While the win is nice, it actually pales in comparison to the fun I have across the full season of checking scores, tuning line-ups, and testing theories. I appreciate being part of this league with all of you for all these years.

Pinecrest Winners

2013 EJ


Eric Victory Speech Clip:

"Thanks, guys, for another excellent year of football. It only took me a dozen years to find my stride, but I feel like I've got a pretty strong three-year streak going here--there's a whole lot of Johnson on the third side of the trophy.

Lara, however, is pretty disappointed in all of you."

2012 EJ

Draft? He Said Ryely

Eric Victory Speech Clip:

"Dear Second through Tenth Places,

I was looking through, and realized that in addition to my obligation to collect all your hard-earned cash, another of my duties as champion is to write a victory speech. I look forward to using this bully pulpit to avenge wrongs, dispense difficult truths and lay down Johnson's Law. And Johnson's Law is like Johnson's Love: Hard and Fast."

2011 Mac

Mac Daddy

Mac Quote 1:

Given 7 trips to the playoffs and only 1 championship, I am perhaps more humbled than all of you were when winning titles in prior years.

Mac Quote 2:

Given that my fantasy teams recorded the highest or second-highest offensive point totals in the 2010 and 2011 seasons – despite draft picks which yield “snickering” – I think the performance of the algorithms somewhat speak for themselves.

2010 Kevin G

Lost Wolf


I figured out what everyone owes and is owed. I am 2 cans of spaghetti o's and one box of cereal away from starving.

2009 Brad

Martz-Free Zone

Brad Victory Speech Clip:

I'm a little late on the champ's message, but I'll keep it short . . . Chris Johnson can run very fast.
So far there is a 1 to 1 correlation between me having a 2,000 yard rusher on my team and winning the trophy. So I don't think I'll be winning the league regularly.

... We also got to witness the giant pile of suck that is Jamarcus Russell, who seems to make Ricci particularly unhappy.

2008 Thad

Hard Hat Attack

Thad's Victory Speech Clip:

I’d like to say “I knew right from draft day I’d win the league,” so I’ll say it – I knew right from draft day I’d win the league. Taking money from you chumps is nothing compared to taking your pride.

In the future, I’ll only respond if addressed with the full title of “All Time Pinecrest League Champion” given I’m now the undisputed all time points leader. Basically, I own you AND I have the data to prove it.

2007 MJ


MJ's Victory Speech Clip:

As much as this glory is all me (and it is), I'd like to thank a few people that helped to made this all possible:

T-Bone, thank you for dropping your shorts and trading me your best RB for a steaming pile of Deshaun.

... To the Palo Alto police, thank you in advance for your lenience.

2006 Thad

Twist of Mash

Thad's Victory Song:

It all started in week ten,
My five game win streak in place,
Safely landing me in the playoffs,
And in position for the trophy chase.

The passion and glory of the trophy,
Has eluded me for seven years,
Bring the damn hardware to the South Bay,
And we’ll gladly down some beers!

2005 Ryan

Scotch on the Rocks

2004 Dutra

Doubtful Damsels

2003 Brad

Renees Trophy Party

2002 Mike J


2001 Ryan

Scotch on the Rocks

2000 Kevin